How to Add Social Media Buttons to Blogger Sidebar

How to Add Social Media Buttons to Blogger Sidebar
        In this, we discuss how to add all social media Button to blogger sidebar with the name in blogger blog. Many of the blogger templates or themes do not show any social network buttons like Instagram, YouTube, Google plus, Facebook icon png very easiest way. The social share button is very important for any website and blog for expanding your visibility. In this, I’ll show you how to put social media logos with names easily.So without getting query directly jump it into how to add social media button to blogger sidebar.

Follow these steps:-

    1.   Search all social buttons with the name on Google images and save on your desktop.

    2.  Set the entire social icon like Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus,              Instagram and others with the same dimensions.

    3.  Go to the new post in blogger section and set any title (no matter) then           Save not publish must remember it.

    4.  Insert all social share buttons into post writing section. 

    5.   Set the social icon vertical or horizontal as you like.

    6.  Select all social icons with name one by one and link on it and save it again.

    7.  Go to HTML and copy all HTML code in blogger.

    8.  After copy HTML code goes to layout section in blogger.

    9.  Go add Gadget sidebar and paste HTML code on HTML/JavaScript.

    10.     Paste it into content and make title what you want and then save it.

    11. Your [Social media button] is ready testing it.

→ Watch given full videos easy to understand how to add social media icon easily.


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                       Hey Guys, I hope you understand How to Add Social Media Buttons to Blogger Sidebar very easy way. If you are really enjoying this don’t forget to appreciate efforts in a comment below. You will not be disappointed, for more information, come again on my blog.

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